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Conceived just before the turn of the millennium, Jewels For Me quickly became the Internet's largest gemstone jewelry retailer. Combining the resources of our location in New York and the experience of our founders with the novel practicality of the Internet, we are here to realize the fantasies our clients create online. We've found that the web is the perfect context for enabling our customers to make the guiding choices to create memorable jewelry, at costs that are always below conventional retail.


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  1. Many websites that feature birthstones fail to keep up with current styles; we strive to balance our line so that the most popular trends are available as well as timeless, elegant jewelry. For both types of settings, the quality of our workmanship is impeccable, so that whatever your selection, it is built to last. Because of our exclusive web presence and because each order is created especially for you, we are able to keep our costs down, and that savings is reflected directly in the economical prices you see on our site We hope to guide your selection with advice and information about each of the stones – its history and its aesthetic properties – as well as stories from the history of jewelry as well. What is the history of the engagement ring? What is a claddagh ring? What have been some famous gifts to stars and what are some legendary stories within jewelry’s glittery past? On our customer service page, we answer frequently asked questions about quality and service so as to inform your understanding of the gems you are about to receive. Some people write to us with questions as to what to buy: can we think of something appropriate for a young child, a pre-engagement gift, or something terrific for a man. We’re happy to guide you towards popular choices for any and all scenarios, especially at the holidays, when gift giving can get overwhelming. A piece of jewelry is an investment and the more you know about what you are purchasing, the more valuable it will be. We want to make sure that you are aware of the significance of your jewelry, so that you and your loved ones can pass on the meaningful stories that surround each precious adornment.

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